Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Update

Just a really quick update on that last paragraph from Bryan's post a few hours ago...

Samuel's stats have improved though they're not stellar. Specifically his oxygen saturation is a little low (though not bad) and the amount of oxygen getting to his brain is still low. His blood gases are much better.

S, our neighbor, is not the same S we mentioned a week ago. This S is a 20 month old little girl who just had her 3rd heart surgery yesterday. Doctors told her parents she would not live, and they have spent many, many months at Egleston over the last year and a half. She was having seizures when we walked in from shift change. They did a CT scan, and she has a brain bleed. Her parents told us this is not as bad as they feared (she had a stroke the last time she had surgery). Be praying for her and for her folks. What a long road they have traveled!

And as for the neighbor S from last week, we spoke with him and his grandma for about 30 minutes this evening. He's doing great! He's a 14 year old boy who got a virus that attacked his heart and ended up on the heart/lung bypass machine. Now he's up and around and should be going back to his freshman year of high school soon. Thanks for lifting him up in prayer.

Ok, I am off to try and get a few hours of sleep. I am praying Samuel's stats trend upwards and that tomorrow is a thoroughly uneventful day with some progress. I won't lie; it's exhausting to be on this constant rollercoaster of declines and improvements. I have to brace myself for each new day. But thankfully I am never alone, and I have this precious boy to love for however many days God gives me to be with him. Bryan and I are so thankful for the 25 days we've had with him so far. Though in many ways the last three and half weeks have been the hardest and worst of my life, I wouldn't trade them for the world. The time I get with this son of mine is priceless and beyond compare. What a joy to get to love Samuel each day.


  1. thank you for the update. praying you all got some rest last night. praying for this day ahead and for strength for you all. Continuing to pray for a miracle for sweet Samuel.

  2. Thank you so much for keeping us updated when we know you must be more than exhausted. We are so thankful to rejoice when stats improve and just walk down this road with you be it joy or pain. Praying for the Lord's strength and presence to be with you, for His presence with the other families and patients, and that He would be treasured today by many. Praying with you moment by moment. I love you.

  3. Bryan and Kathryn, Floyd and I are praying for the presence of the Lord to constantly be your strength. Our hearts are so full of love, care, concern for precious Samuel since you first heard, 20 weeks ago! We praise God that His thoughts concerning Samuel outnumber the grains of sand, that His face is shining down on him, that Samuel is His precious lamb that he is holding close to his bosom. Praying for God to strengthen/mature/equip his precious body with recovery, health, and to totally heal this precious boy. We stand in awe at how beautifully you have communicated your heart, your love, your pain with us. I click on your blog many times every day as I lift Samuel and you up to the Lord. Thank you so much for this blog. It has certainly drawn my heart closer to you and closer to our awesome,loving God who is there with you in glory and power! Thank you for radiating Him to me and to so very many. Praising God that He does all things well! Love Floyd and Martha Anne