Friday, August 7, 2009

The Current Quandary

So it seems like we're in a quandary. The doctors don't know enough about the fistulae to go in for surgery, so they're waiting for more time and tests. Also the ductus has not closed, and, therefore, doctors don't know if there is a coarctation b/c their view is obstructed. It is highly likely that surgery will be needed for either or both - i.e. closing the PDA and or getting rid of the coarctation. Issues with his lungs and liver are complicating things. The challenge is that while both the lungs and liver (really all of his systems) need to be working well for surgery, doctors believe that both are struggling largely because of the circulatory issues (i.e. the fistulae and the PDA). So we are waiting for more information and clarity to do surgery on his heart issues, but the longer we wait to do surgery, the greater strain that the lungs and liver are placed under. Ugh.

Please pray for wisdom and insight and skill for the doctors. Pray for clarity on the heart issues. Please pray that the liver and lungs would strengthen and be able to sustain him through surgery. Please pray that the doctors would know when the right time is to do surgery and that they would have all of the information that they need.

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  1. bryan & kathryn - we continue to pray for samuel & for God to provide his caregivers the wisdom necessary to be the instruments in samuel's complete healing. we pray that you will feel the strength of the prayers being said on your behalf & that more than ever, the Spirit will be real to you both in amazing ways. with love & prayers, brian & beth