Thursday, November 26, 2009


This Thanksgiving there is much to be thankful for, but two things stand out to me.  The first is Samuel.  I am so deeply grateful for the 30 days we had with our son.  I wouldn't give up one single minute I spent with him.  What a privilege and joy it was to sit by his side, to tell him about His Creator, to rub his head and stroke his hand, to hold his foot, to sing praises to Jesus, to tell him again and again how much I love him, to read the Chronicles of Narnia out loud to him, and to pray to God with him.  Those were moments of true joy and blessing.  And what an honor and gift it was to hold Samuel in his last hours and to hand him over to our God, to gently walk Him to Jesus' throne and to trust my sweet son into the arms of my God's perfect son.  I am so thankful for Samuel.  I'm thankful for how Samuel showed me my God in new, deeper, more real ways.  How I understand grace in a whole new way.  How I am changed because of the life of my third son. 

And I am so grateful for the many, many people who have stood by our side in our grief.  We have been lavished with kindness, with love, and with prayers.  Family and friends have served us in amazing and creative ways.  From housecleaning, to meals in abundance, to gift cards, to grocery runs, to tangible ways to remember and honor Samuel like pictures, jewelry, a painting, and a tree, to sincerely kind and touching letters and emails, to books and music that point us to Jesus, we have been humbled by the love and kindness of others.  We are thankful for those who have mourned with us and who continue to walk this path of grief by our side.  We could not ask for better friends, a better church community, or a more loving family. 

We are truly thankful this Thanksgiving.  Our family has been richly blessed.  And though I wish Samuel had been with us today to celebrate his daddy's favorite holiday alongside the wonderful Thiels, I am still thankful.  God has been gracious, gentle, loving, and kind.  And He continues to heal our hearts.  Part of that healing is giving Him thanks for who He is, what He's done, and what He's given us.  So, God, THANK YOU for Samuel, for the month of August with him, and THANK YOU for the friends and family who have cared for us so faithfully.  Thank You!

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