Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pancake Masterpieces

I thought I'd post some of Bryan's amazing pancake art on here.  I have a whole album of his pancake masterpieces on Facebook, but I will just post the ones from the last couple of Saturdays.  Our Saturday morning tradition is that the boys each pick a shape, character, picture, etc that they want Bryan to make a pancake of.  Then, regardless of difficulty, Bryan somehow manages to make a pancake that looks like what they've chosen.  It's remarkable every time.  You will soon see what I mean....

Pretty impressive, right?  This is Joel's pick -- Boo from Monster's, Inc.

This is Caleb's pick -- the house from the movie Up.

Here is Joel's pick from this morning -- Leakless from the movie Cars.

And Caleb's pick, Frank, from Cars as well.  You have to admit it: Bryan is good!  I think it's his artistic outlet.  Too bad they're edible and can't stick around.  :)

And just because, here are a couple of cute pictures of Caleb and Joel from the last couple of weeks.  I am so crazy about these boys, and they do so much to heal my soul as I miss their baby brother.  They miss Samuel too.  In fact, yesterday Bryan overheard Caleb talking to Joel about Heaven and how he can't wait to go there and see Samuel.  He kept saying, "I CAN'T WAIT to get to Heaven!  It's a wonderful place!"

I am grateful for this family.  God has blessed me so, and I want to treasure each moment He gives me with Bryan, Caleb, and Joel.  I am learning to live in the moment, soak up each day for what it is and not miss today by longing for yesterday or by worrying about tomorrow.  I have hardly mastered it yet, but it is something on my mind.  So, God, thank you for today and all that it holds.  Thank you for granting me another day to praise You and know You and love You.  Thanks.


  1. Those are so neat!!! That's some serious talent. How does he do the details?

  2. Kathryn, you bring such joy by sharing these pictures and thoughts.

  3. WHAT?!? He needs to make some sort of pancake art book. ;o) That's a serious talent! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just beautiful! and delicious!
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us - loving you guys!

  5. Bryan truly has a hidden gift! I think your friend is right, this has the making of a coffee table book! Your boys really must look forward to pancake meals. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bryan,
    I don't really understand how you do this. It truly is impressive. It's great that you photographic them for the boys to remember.