Friday, June 3, 2011

Celebrating Caleb's 6th Birthday

This week our precious Caleb turned six.  We had three days of celebration.  On Memorial Day the Thiels came over for a cookout lunch and water fun in the backyard, and on Tuesday, Caleb's birthday, we went to Barnes and Noble to read (at his request) and enjoyed opening his presents, eating red velvet cake, and just being together.  Today we went on a birthday trip to the Georgia Aquarium with Caleb's fiancee, Lauren.  I distinctly remember the phone conversation Caleb and I had when he first told me about Lauren.  It was the first day of preschool, about a week after Samuel was born, and Bryan and I were at Egleston Children's Hospital.  We called home from the CICU lobby to see how Caleb's first day went, and he immediately told me that someone asked him to marry her.  When I asked him what her name was, he said, "I don't know.  I didn't ask."  Then I asked, "Well, what did you say?" and he replied, "I said 'Yes!'  She was soooo beautiful!"  And my loyal Caleb has been devoted to Lauren ever since -- nearly two years -- despite them rarely seeing each other.  This year we gave Caleb a few options for his birthday, and without hesitation he picked going to the aquarium with one friend, and he had no trouble naming that friend.  So Lauren it was!  We had a ball today exploring the whole aquarium and eating lunch at McDonald's, Caleb's choice, and playing on the McD's playground.  We also overhead many a hilarious conversation between the engaged couple and witnessed 11 furtive cheek kisses.  These two mean business.  And funny enough, Lauren's parents, who work with Bryan at North Point Community Church, are named Brian and Katherine.

I cannot possibly express what an incredible joy and privilege it is to be Caleb's mom.  There is something about Caleb that I have never seen in another kid -- a gentleness, kindness, selflessness, and purity that amazes me.  (It kind of reminds me of Beth from Little Women or Betsy from The Hiding Place.)  He has been practically angelic from the time his personality first began to emerge, and he has grown into such an exceptional kid.  He loves to give to others and to figure out ways to make other people happy.  Just after opening a birthday present that included some stickers, he took out a sheet and handed them to Joel with complete joy.  I see how much it blesses him to serve and give to others.  A few weeks ago his soccer coach was talking the team through which goal to guard and which to score on.  Caleb responded, "I think we should let the other team win."  He would prefer to make someone else happy rather than pursue his own pleasure.  As we've prayed for countries in turmoil the last few months, he has asked to give some of his money to buy Bibles for the people in Libya, that they might know about God.  And he has said when he grows up he wants to travel to "countries where people don't know much about Jesus and teach the leaders there about God and Jesus so that they can lead their countries better and help the people there learn about God."  What six year old (or adult!) thinks about such things?  Tonight at bedtime he prayed, "Dear God, Thank You for this day and this world You made and for Momma, Dadda, and Joel.  Help me to think about You more and love You more and think of others first.  Help me to trust You and to love my family and friends even more."  I am dumbfounded by the profound depth of asking God to help us think about Him more.  I have never thought to pray for that, and it's a wise, wise request.  Caleb's sincerity and earnestness and deep love for others often show me my own shortcomings and selfishness and pride.  I admire so much about my first born son, and it is beyond a joy to love him every day and spend my energies investing in his soul and life.  Caleb, you are a treasure beyond words, and we are CRAZY about you!!!  Happy 6th Birthday, my sweet, sweet son.

Caleb requested Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin/Darth Vader fighting on the lava planet, Mustafar.  Bryan says this is not his best work, but only one thing can be, and it's far, far better than anything I could create!

The Thiels (minus Emily who is in Texas for the summer) ready to celebrate Caleb -- and sporting red in his honor

The family

Me and my biggest boy

At the GA Aquarium

Caleb and Lauren so happy to be together

The whole gang at the aquarium -- A friend of mine said we'll have a similar picture on their wedding day.  :)

Holding hands
On another note, I am now officially full-term as I passed the 37 week mark yesterday.  Samuel was born at 36 weeks, 4 days, so we're already passed his arrival point.  My fluid is holding steady at a completely normal level, and everything continues to look great.  I think I am officially at the "I'm ready when she's ready" point.  The most important part to me is that she be ready, of course.  Beauty-girl, I can't wait to meet you.  Come soon, littlest love!  And Lord, grant me patience if we still have three weeks of pregnancy ahead.  :)

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  1. Praising God for the blessing of your precious Caleb... Just so wonderful to see God work in and through your children. So so amazing and beautiful. Love you guys. Cannot wait for little miss Beauty's arrival- though praying for a specific date. :) So thankful for this blessed time!!! Much much love and continued prayers!