Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some March 2012 Family Videos

This is from Joel's first ever soccer game.  He scored 4 goals and was so, so happy about it.  He has benefited from watching Caleb's games for 2 seasons and from practicing outside with his big brother and daddy.  I often find that I'm in tears at kids' sporting events.  I remember welling up repeatedly at high school sports when I was a teacher, and I'm worse as a mom.  I was in tears when Joel scored his first one (ridiculous, I know.  I have repeatedly told Bryan that I am not cut out to have an athletic child.  I won't be able to go to their games/competitions and not be a basketcase).  This video is either his 3rd or 4th goal -- I can't remember which.  It was so fun to cheer him on and later in the day cheer on Caleb in his first game of the season.

Anna Pea has warmed up to Cheerios.  And she makes our favorite crinkle-nose-squished-up-face in this video as well as shows off her wave.  Despite her uncooperation in this video, she can say Joel.  I have my doubts that she knows she's saying it or even that she knows her brother's name is Joel, but she does in fact have the ability to make the sound.  Perhaps someday I'll catch that on video too.

Yesterday, one day shy of 9 months old, Anna crawled to the window, pulled up, and watched Bryan outside mowing the lawn.  She banged on the window for about 10 minutes, saying "Dada."   I think she actually means to say Dada -- and understands it.  That brings her word count to three.  In addition to the dubious Joel, she also says "hi," though I sincerely doubt she knows what it means.

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