Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recent Pictures

Caleb loved his first basketball season.
Caleb recited Shel Silverstein's "Pirate Captain Jim" for his school's poetry recital
What a sugar.
3 cuties all coincidentally dressed in green
Anna's preferred sitting position
A couple of weeks ago Bryan went to Ecuador with Operation Christmas Child to deliver OCC boxes.  He had a fabulous, faith-growing time.  Hopefully I can post some of his pictures from his time there.  Bryan came home with these Ecuador soccer jerseys for the boys.
Happy eater
Anna fell asleep like this (sitting up and folded over) after her nighttime sleep was interrupted by 45 minutes in the tiny, downstairs half-bath with all 5 members of her family during the tornado sirens.  Good times were had by all.  :)
After a family walk
Anna found the pacifier that belongs to the beloved Cabbage Patch doll of my childhood.  She tried it out herself and seemed to like it, but it's no Gumdrop paci.
It's been a long time since Bryan made special pancakes for the boys, but this weekend he made Arthur from The Sword and the Stone...
...and Merlin as well
She was on her way back down when I snapped this, but she is pulling up on everything these days.  She does it in her crib and then looks SOOOOO proud when I go in to help her lay back down.  She cracks me up.
Tired of the highchair and adorable even when she cries.
Our little Anna Pea has a clogged tear duct, hence the frequent pictures with tears pouring down her cheeks. (The tear ducts serve as drains for the tears, and with nowhere for the tears to go, they overflow.) Our pediatrician says it is VERY unlikely it will open on its own since it didn't open by the time she was 6 months.  Unfortunately, she will probably need minor surgery to correct it.  Our ped says it's the simplest of procedures, but it does require general anesthesia.  Guess whether or not I'm excited about Anna going under.  I am praying that it opens on its own, though I know that's not a likely outcome.

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  1. Your family is so beautiful :-) I've been thinking about you a lot . . . I'll be praying for sweet Anna's tear duct that it will open on it's own!