Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Little Joy Bringers

Caleb getting a little cuddle time with his Momma. This is from Sept. 1, 2009.

Matthew, my brother, took this picture about 8 hours after Samuel died. Even then, Caleb and Joel had the magic of bringing joy to our hearts and faces.

Matthew took this picture as well. You can see what little healers these guys are.
Who can resist a smile when you're looking at these precious faces?


  1. How beautiful! I know those little guys are your life, Kathryn and Bryan! Praise God that you have these amazing boys to love on and to provide love and joy to you! You continue to be in our prayers!
    Beth and David

  2. Wonderful pictures! You have such a beautiful family, inside and out. Not unexpected, though, knowing you. :D Been thinking of all of you. I'm glad you have your sweet boys to help heal your heart.


  3. So glad your brother captured these joyful moments! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to enjoy them too!

  4. PRECIOUS! Oh man, I don't know Katherine very well, and although I think the boys look a lot like both of you, seeing these pics reminds me of playing w/ Brian and Marta when we were little.
    I think Joel looks a lot like Marta! :o)
    Sweet, sweet boys! Thankful for these encouraging moments and blessings.

  5. *in a totally masculine way of course. ;o)

  6. I love the pictures...You have a such a beautiful family! Your boys are a wonderful source of strength for the two of you!

    Mike and I are so happy that we had the opportunity to meet Samuel and spend some time with you and Bryan at Egleston! You touched us in a way I don't know how to explain here...Your Grace...Your Strength...Your Dedication...Your Love...Your Friendship...Your Faith...these things are inspiring!

    We have sat in CICU so many nights as one of the only set of parents and wondered sometimes where everyone was…it was so nice to see parents dedicated to their son….spending every minute with him…it was nice to have company at 5am..even if it was a crib away.

    I will never forget the words Bryan spoke at Susan’s crib the night her seizure began…You left your son’s side to offer strength and prayer to us and to our daughter. I have always said that our time in the hospital is “hard time”, but we have met some of the most wonderful people during the hardest times in our lives…during times of great challenges…God brings people into your lives…and your family is definitely one of them!

    Thank you for your message on Susan’s CarePage and I did give her a kiss from you...she is doing well and is so happy to be home. She is ready and waiting for a visit whenever you want. I’d love her to know the two of you.

    I continue to pray for you, Bryan and your family. I hope you received the email with the story about “The Brave Little Soul”, Samuel was that brave little soul and he is continuing to touch people’s life through your words here on this blog. You both write so openly, honestly and with such eloquence. I wish I had just the right words to ease your pain, but I have learned that there are no right words. Just know you are in our daily thoughts and prayers and we are thankful for the time we were able to share with you.

    Much Love,
    Candice & Mike Jenness
    XoXo from Susan Faith too!

  7. a mom, i can't imagine your pain, but as a mom i do know the joy my own children bring to my heart. & though my days have never been as dark, i certainly see how your little boys can be such a balm for yours & bryan's pain, how they will be a catalyst & instrument on different days & moments for your healing. you all remain in my prayers & samuel in my thoughts.

    beth white