Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Memorial Service

There will be a memorial service for Samuel at North Point Community Church on Thursday, September 3 at 10:00am. You are welcome to join us as we celebrate the short life of our son.

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  1. Dear Kathryn and Bryan,
    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you celebrate Samuel's life. He was an amazing child indeed and touched more lives than anyone could count. The strength and courage you have shown through the darkness lifts up all who are praying for you. Our God is Great and will continue to provide what you need. My vision of Samuel in heaven, surrounded by all of our family already there, provides me with a sense of calmness. I wish Samuel could have been in your arms for many, many years, but if not yours then in our Maker's arms is where he should be. Thinking of you, praying for you and sending our love,
    Tim, Vicki, Skyler and Savanna