Thursday, September 8, 2011

Recent Photos of the Apini

Caleb and Anna -- Caleb begged to have this picture taken

I don't think it gets cuter than this!  She's totally irresistible.

Anna Pea.  :)  That smile -- melts me.

Joel and Anna Pea

Bryan with his kiddos on his birthday.  Which one of these is not like the others?  :)

This is how Anna sleeps -- checking to see if we're going to put her down.  She's the most lovable little stinker.

Anna with her Momma

Our small group made this for us for the 2nd anniversary of Samuel's death.  They designed and made it: cut it out, painted it, picked out the poetry lines, etc.  Besides being impressive, it's really touching to me that they did this.  We love it.

Can't get enough of her.  Ever.

Though you can't tell, they're all wearing Star Wars shirts.  Our friend Jennifer found Anna's shirt and got it for her.  Adorable.

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  1. Your kiddos are so cute :-) Love that frame - what a sweet gift!