Sunday, August 7, 2011

Please Pray for a Heart Baby

Through facebook, I learned about a friend of several of my former students who has a 4 day old son, Caden, with major heart defects.  He is in the CICU at Egleston and will have major surgery tomorrow morning.  We actually met his mom on Friday when we went to the hospital for our annual trip in honor of Samuel's birthday.  We left cookies and a cake for the staff, and I gave a few cookies to Becca in the CICU lobby.  I am heavy-hearted for this family who had no knowledge of their baby's heart condition until his birth on Wednesday.  I know how overwhelming it is to start life in the CICU, and I am praying that the Lord sustains these parents, his big sister, and baby Caden and that Caden will live a long life, telling his story of God's goodness and healing hand.  Please join me.  You can read about Caden's heart on the Stanley family's blog: The Stanley Clan.

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