Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Anna's room
More of Anna's room
Can you tell how much he loves her?
Three little Apinis faces

Caleb's message to Samuel: "Dear Samuel, I hope your birthday is a really good one.  Thank you for being my littlest brother.  I hope your time in Heaven is good with God.  Love, Caleb."
With the message balloons for Samuel on his 2nd birthday
Watching the balloons go


  1. Is it just the photo or does she look like Samuel to you guys? I've been trying to figure out who she resembles and as I was scrolling I noticed the picture of Samuel with his eyes open on the sidebar and thought "Bingo"!! Little upturned nose and big eyes.
    She is just precious and that picture of her and Joel is priceless. Reminds me of how Garrett was with Harper. I LOVE watching the sibling thing develop. There's just something about older brothers and little sisters. :)
    So happy you have Anna to hold as you celebrate Samuel's 2nd birthday. Keep the pictures coming!!!

  2. Wow! She really is a beauty! So adorable. I also wanted to let you know that Savannah is constantly making me think of Samuel. I first started reading your blog while I was pregnant with her, which terrified me. Then she had a healthy ultrasound. Then she was born and had a heart condition. Go figure. Anyway I will never forget Samuel and never forget to be remembering you guys in my prayers because of what I went through with Savannah. I feel like it linked me to your story in some way.
    Happy Birthday (belated), Samuel!