Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And More Photos...

I am currently rather blank on having anything to write on here, but I do have some fun pictures from recent weeks...

My Mother's Day card from Caleb.  With some edits :): "Dear Cuddles, I love you.  Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!! Love, Caleb"
My Mother's Day card from Joel without edits: "I hope you have a good Mother's Day.  Your my favorite Mommy and there is no Mommy that I like better  Love Joel"

Beautiful girl
Lost a top tooth!  You can see part of our new kitchen in the background.
First day of summer with a new smile!
My mom came in town for Joel's pre-school graduation
Joel's pre-K class.  Their performance was ADORABLE!  He sang loudly and had so much fun!
These two look so much alike to me.  Aren't they so cute?!?  I love this one.
With the "grad"
Joel is as crazy about Anna as ever.  He was anxious to hold her at his graduation.  The relationships my children have with each other are among my favorite things on earth.
I have never seen a baby eat like Anna does.  She eats anything and everything (including zucchini, roasted red peppers, artichokes, and eggplant) -- and in huge quantities.  This is Anna's tray at the start of the meal....
...and this is Anna's tray after!  With the boys, I had to put just a few bites at a time on their trays or else they'd be overwhelmed.  If I do that with Anna, she's squawking for more within 3 seconds.  If I stand any chance of eating any of my meal, I have to load her tray up ahead of time.  She still devours it faster than I can eat my food.
Anna and my mom
This picture doesn't begin to do it justice, but this is the most amazing rainbow I've ever seen!  It was a full double rainbow.  I couldn't capture all of it in one picture, but this gives a tiny of idea of how incredible it was.  We pulled over and just stared at it.  Amazing!
Kicking off the summer with Bruster's ice cream courtesy of my mom. 
With my beautiful mom.  Isn't she gorgeous?  I hope I look like her when I'm a grandma!
Our living room with my Mother's Day presents on the wall.  Bryan framed the beautiful pictures of the boys from Marissa and Adam's wedding as well as a snapshot of Anna.  I LOVE them!


  1. those are great pictures! those mother's day cards are precious :)

  2. Those care are gorgeous and I LOVE the pictures (of course) I always love to see pictures framed! :-) Also, I need to write you an email but just wanted to thank you really quickly for my sweet note on my last post on fb. Your words are always just a balm, so loving and encouraging and healing. Thank you.