Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pictures of Easter 2012

We had such a fabulous Easter, and here is the documentation to prove it.  :)

Grammie (Bryan's step-mom) came in town for Easter.  It was wonderful to have her here!
Somebody loves her Daddy
Visiting Uncle John and Auntie Jaye (Bryan's uncle and aunt)
My Easter Bunny with her Grammie
Grammie and her boys
With my Easter fellows
With Jonathan
My littlest Easter joy

With Kathy
Our last holiday with the fabulous Thiels before their big move to New Braunfels, TX  :(
Joel discovered a passion for basketball on Easter.  He shot hoops for over 2 hours all by himself.  And an hour and a half in, he still hadn't made a single basket.  Bryan came out to coach him, and eventually, Joel made one.  He was OVERJOYED, and all of us were screaming and cheering.  In the end, he made 5 baskets and loved every second of his hard work and effort.  I couldn't believe his determination and patience with it. 
Working hard and getting better and better

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  1. Your kids are so cute :-) Anna has the most beautiful smile ever!