Saturday, December 24, 2011


I haven't been able to quit thinking about the Greens.  Their daughter, Hallie, was born on Monday.  She is beautiful and perfect -- because she was made just as she is by our loving Creator.  She has Trisomy 13 and won't survive.  I don't know how long Hallie will have breath, but I do know that she is treasured and loved and fulfilling God's design for her life. 

Chris and Katie chose the name Hallie because it means Praise God -- Hallelujah.  And I can't quit thinking about how that's exactly what she's doing.  Her life is an ongoing chorus of Hallelujah.  She is eliciting praise from thousands of people.  Some friends of the Greens started a facebook page called Hope for Hallie, and as I type this there are 3,052 members.  Who knows how many more there will be by the time I publish this post.  I think all 3,052 members have been challenged to praise God -- to see Him at work in circumstances we wouldn't have chosen, to see as beautiful what the world is tempted to dismiss, to thank God for the blessing He's granted us -- both those we asked for and those we didn't and are inclined to label "heartaches" or "despair" or "brokenness" or "unfairness."  To see God for the loving, kind, full of grace God that He is, this is Hallie's blessing to all of us.

At church this morning we sang "Hallelujah" over and over, and I had silent tears streaming down my cheeks the entire time.  Hallie has brought out a new depth of praise in that word.  I praise Him for the fearful and wonderful way He's made her, for letting all of us love her through her parent's courage to share her (Chris posted an incredible look into their hearts yesterday; you really must read it), for giving her to Chris, Katie, Bella, and Farrah who clearly adore her and are showering her with love for however long they have her.  And I praise Him for being God -- for working in our weakness, for Creating life in ways we wouldn't have chosen, for using the most painful and heartbreaking parts of our lives for His glory and to refine our hearts and make us more fully His. 

I carry the Greens with me every minute.  They are on my heart in very real ways.  I know some of the emotions that are ahead, and I am so thankful for the chance to pray for them as they treasure these days with their sweet, perfect Hallie Lynn Green and as they prepare to hand her over to her Creator whenever He calls for her.

The Hope for Hallie facebook page has asked people to post pictures of them holding up signs of love and encouragement for Hallie and the Greens.  Here are ours.
Caleb did this all on his own.  I love his sweet heart.  (Incidentally, there is nothing on the back despite evidence to the contrary.  :) )

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