Thursday, July 21, 2011

Declarations of Love

Caleb and Joel LOVE Anna.  Here are a few of the things they've said and done in the last few weeks:

"She's the cutiest pie I've ever known."  -Joel

"I am enjoying her so, so, so much!"  -Caleb

"She's my first best Anna in the world!  You're my first best Momma, and she's my first best Anna!"  -Joel

"Can I keep her company for awhile while you go work on dinner?"  -Caleb

"I love her too much.  I want to hold her forever."  -Joel

"I love her alot.  She's my favorite baby."  -Joel

"I want to hold her as much as I can."  -Caleb

Me: "After two weeks with Anna, how do you feel about having a baby sister?"
Joel: "It's the best thing in the world."

"She's the cutest thing in the whole, whole, whooooooooole wide world!"  -Joel

Whenever we see someone who hasn't met Anna before, Joel runs over to me, grabs Anna's little foot, and escorts us over to the person, positively beaming all the while.  He is so very proud to introduce her and take credit as her brother.  I love watching the joy and pride on his face. 

Caleb likes to read to Anna.  He will sit or lay on the floor next to her and read her entire books, making sure to show her the pictures.  It's absolutely precious. 

I am so proud of these big brothers.  They love their baby sister with a tenderness that melts my heart and brings me great joy.  What a blessed little girl Anna is to have Caleb and Joel for her big brothers on earth!

And while I'm at it, here's a picture of Bryan doing his seminary homework with Anna.  Every night Bryan takes Anna from about 9:30-11:00, which is part of her fussy time.  He reads seminary in her room while rocking her or sets up shop in the playroom.  It's pretty cute to see.


  1. Kathryn, I am SO GLAD for you! I've thanked God for answering my prayer for another baby and a healthy baby for you. Your post about Samuel still being part of your family brought tears to my eyes. You're right - there is a gap in the picture that is perfect for Samuel. Won't it be a wonderful reunion in heaven when you are all together as it was meant to be? Keep writing, sister. You are talented at getting right to the root of very difficult feelings.

  2. Thanks, Susan! And thanks for your many prayers. They mean a lot.