Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seeing Reminders of Samuel in the Spring

In this season of spring and new life, I find myself thinking of Samuel a lot.  Not only do I have new life growing in me, but I also see it all around.  And much of it is related to Samuel.  Our gardenia plant that Bryan's work team gave us when Samuel was born has its first bloom of the year.  The knock-out rose bush my wives' group gave us on Samuel's first birthday is in bloom, and the Japanese maple we call "The Samuel tree" is full of vibrant, red leaves.  All three make me smile, and all three make me think of our sweet boy, alive, growing, and blooming in Heaven.  I am thankful for the beautiful reminders of his life, for the friends who gave them to us, and for God's yearly gift of new life each spring.  It's such a picture of hope, redemption, and the life to come.  Thank you, Jesus, for spring and for Samuel!

And just for the fun of it, here are a couple of pictures of our family celebrating the UConn Huskies' NCAA basketball championship.  Bryan's high school was on UConn's campus, and his whole extended family is die-hard Husky fans.  The Thiels gave us all UConn shirts for Easter, and we happily (well, all except for Joel who was super-anxious to go on an Easter egg hunt) posed for a family picture.  

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