Sunday, August 8, 2010

Video of Open-eyed Samuel

After trying to upload this video to blogger for two days, I have finally relented and uploaded it to YouTube instead.  It's from August 7, 2009.  In some ways, August 6-9 were the most joyful days we had with Samuel.  He was awake and open-eyed some of the time, we were in the rhythm of hospital life, and we hadn't yet gotten any terrible news about the future.  We expected to some day bring home a healthy Samuel, and we felt hopeful about his condition and the doctors' abilities to help him.  They are days I am so glad we had.


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  2. I'm sending my love, thoughts, and prayers for your whole family! Thanks for sharing that video, which despite the heartbreak is still moving beyond words. What a courageous little person your son was on earth. And for all of his challenges, he was still able to respond to you and feel your loving attention.