Friday, March 12, 2010

Pancakes Again -- too good not to post

I couldn't pass up the chance to post Bryan's latest pancake art.  Personally, I think Luke Skywalker is his all-time best work.  The other one is Salacious Crumb, Jabba the Hutt's pet in Return of the Jedi.  You should hear Joel say "salacious."  It's pretty hysterical -- especially since Joel can't say the letter "l" and has an adorable lisp.


  1. Awesome, Bryan!!! Your art continues to amaze me! Miss you guys!

  2. Those are too awesome! How does he do the darker parts? Just painted on butter or what? I love the pancake art thing - that's something your kids will remember forever.

    How old is Joel? Depending on age, you may want to get the lisp assessed by a speech-language pathologist (it's what I do, but I work with adults). It will likely go away as his speech continues to develop, but if he still has it around age 6, I'd have him assessed. He won't think it's so cute when he goes to school, especially if it continues must past 1st or 2nd grade. :(


  3. AHHHH, what amazing pancakes, and I can just see Joely's adorable mouth say SALACIOUS. I wish I could taste the pancakes, and hear Joely, and watch Bryan at work on his pancake art, and see Kebbie gobble his down (the only thing he eats fast are pancakes), and see my daughter be the amazingly wonderful mommy she is, and just be with all of you. I am missing you like crazy here in Turkey.